June 16, 2017


MOT Glasgow

MOT’s are important safety tests required by law for all drivers to make sure that there vehicles are safe and road worthy. An MOT also allows a mechanic to identify and notify you of potential future problems you may have with the vehicle.

A standard MOT test covers your vehicle’s steering system, safety lighting, braking mechanisms, seat belts, exhaust emission, tyres as well as your vehicle’s bodywork & structural integrity.

We MOT the following vehicles on a regular basis:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Light commercial
  • Taxis

Our highly qualified and experienced mechanics always carry out a fair assessment of any vehicle that goes up on one of our ramps.

We offer a car pick up and drop off service. Call us on 01414290919 to book your vehicle for an MOT today.

Most MOT’s are done as a same day service.

We aim to offer true value for money for your MOT and will not look to fail any vehicle unnecessarily- only if it does not meet current MOT specs.