If your looking for a mechanic in Glasgow then you’ve come to the right place. We are experts in mechanical repairs, bodywork and vehicle tuning.
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We offer the following range of mechanical services
MOT Glasgow
Car Service
Vehicle Diagnostic & Repair

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Body Work

You take pride in the appearance of your vehicle and even the slightest bit of cosmetic damage to your car can detract from its appearance and market value. This is where we come in. We have extensive experience in dent and scratch repair in Glasgow and even full car resprays.

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We specialise is custom vehicle tuning to improve fuel economy or vehicle performance. This includes ECU remapping, chip tuning, engine tuning and even designing and fitting custom exhausts.

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Accident Claims

As an insurance approved garage in Glasgow we can help you bring your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. We can also help you with a hire car as well to minimise the disruption an accident can have on your day to day life.

Here at tradeston performance we are basically experts at everything to do with cars in glasgow

From MOT’s to car servicing, car repair, vehicle modifications, custom exhaust manufacturing and installation, car body repairs and everything else in between we’re your one stop shop for all things to do with keeping your car on the road and in the best condition possible.

A first class MOT Glasgow

We provide a full MOT Glasgow with a free MOT retest regardless of whether you use us to carry out any repair work.

So basically a lot of garages may charge you to do an MOT again if your car fails its test or may only provide a free retest if you use them to do repairs. This can result in you being at the mercy of the MOT centre garage. With us you can be rest assured that when we do your MOT for your car or van that we are truly doing what we’re supposed to do and not trying to upsell you services.

Cost effective car service Glasgow

Our regular care service plans in Glasgow are great value for money for motorists. You get the benefit of us using only high quality genuine parts for car servicing and not cheap filters or oil meaning you truly get your money’s worth. This keeps you car or van more likely to stay problem free and on the road. It also helps retain your vehicles value when you choose to eventually sell it.

The best car body shop and car body repair garage in Glasgow

Here at tradeston performance if your keen on the appearance of your vehicle then you’ll be happy to hear that so are we.

We specialise in bodywork repairs from dent repair and removal in Glasgow to full car resprays. We can also build you stainless steel custom exhausts for your vehicle in glasgow at great prices and make your vehicle look and sound that way it should.

Experienced car repair glasgow

A breakdown with any component in your vehicle is in many situations bound to happen. The complexity of modern cars combined with the rigours of day to day commuting can inevitably lead to small issues which can with time become bigger ones.

We can help repair a vast number of problems with your vehicle.

Many cars can have transmission issues or require gearbox repair (one of the most common problems with vehicles.

We also deal with problems with your battery or alternator, ignition coil or spark plug replacement, catalytic converter replacement, oxygen sensor replacement, fuel cap to thermostat repair and replacement, MAF sensor replacement.

Also things like clutch and turbo repair and replacement. Diagnosing electrical problems and repairing them. Problems with your brakes, cylinder head gasket and much much more.

I said cars were complicated but the above mentioned repairs don’t even scratch the surface of all the different types of repairs that we do on a regular basis for motorists in Glasgow.

Expert car modification service in Glasgow

Also If you’re looking to maximise your vehicle performance then we’re the people to bring your car to.

Whether it’s mechanical repairs to improve your miles per litre to a better exhaust for your vehicle which will help your engine “breathe” better to remapping your vehicle engine control unit to boost your fuel efficiency or speed -or handling- then we’ve seen and done it all before.

Accident repair service Glasgow

As all round vehicle repair, maintenance and performance specialists we regularly deal with insurance companies and accident claims and can help resolve such problems in a cost effective and professional manner for you.

I honestly believe that me and my team can deal with all aspects of your day to day vehicle maintenance, repair and improvements in a cost effective and efficient manner. Give us a call on 01414290919

Alternatively you can pop round to our garage at 23 kilburnie place in tradeston

Being virtually right in the centre of Glasgow we are easily accessible with on site parking, a comfortable waiting room and friendly staff ready to help you with any enquiries you may have.

To Book Your Vehicle In Call Us On 01414290919

Tradeston Performance

Welcome to tradeston performance Glasgow.

If your looking for high quality vehicle repair, servicing and modification experts then you've come to the right place.

Basically everything to do with vehicles is our speciality.

This includes reliable mechanical repair and servicing for you car or van, high quality bodywork and even state of the art vehicle tuning work done to your vehicle

We have many years of experience amongst our expert mechanics and have worked with all types of makes and models of vehicles.

Call us on 01414290919 for a quote.