August 23, 2018

Custom Exhausts Glasgow

The exhaust system of your car plays a vital part in your cars performance by allowing toxic particles to leave the engine of your vehicle and out via steel tubes. This helps keep the driver of the car safe and ensure good fuel economy by ensuring efficient conditions for the vehicle to work in.

A custom built exhaust means that a bespoke designed and fully fabricated system is built and fitted to your vehicle to replace your existing system to improve your vehicles appearance and/or performance.

Most exhaust systems fitted to cars in the uk are made from mild steel leaving them open to corrosion. In a damp country like Scotland this can be quite common in a lot of vehicles. Also the gases released from combustion can be damp also have result in moisture build up leading to corrosion-the enemy of every vehicle owner

Exhaust are often put on as an afterthought by the manufacturer with no attention paid to their impact on the vehicles long term durability as the extra cost of stainless steel puts many manufacturers off stainless steel.

We are based in Glasgow and have been trading for many years. With our custom exhaust systems you can get high quality stainless steel long lasting exhausts which can improve the performance and look of your vehicle.

We have an in house fabrication and installation team. All assembly is carried out in house using specialist fabrication machinery. With a variety of custom components we can design any type of exhaust system you want to any type of vehicle you want.

An experienced fabricator who knows how to build and install your custom exhaust properly is vital to ensuring your custom exhausts longevity is not affected. Our fabricators one do the best out there and has worked on all types of vehicles up and down the country.

Our exhausts are tailored to give you complete choice and control on the type of system you want (full, catback and backbox), tailpipe style (oval, twin, slashcut etc) and sound (standard vehicle, sport, racetrack, loud).

We have helped design and build hundreds of custom exhausts to all types of vehicles.

To get a quote call us on 01414290919 or pop into our garage in Tradeston, Glasgow for a friendly chat.