Performance or Economy 🚘

Performance or Economy 🚘

We here at Tradeston Performance will calibrate your engines management system to suit your needs, wether your looking for maximum performance or looking to get the most miles from a tank 👌

We can offer a solution for 99% of vehicles, this includes cars, vans, bikes and even some trucks and tractors 😁

For any further information pop in and see our techs who will be happy to run through the processes and answer any questions you may have 👌

*** Prices start from only £199 ***

We can include the following:

 Stage 1/2/3 tunes
 Custom tuning
 Economy tuning
 Methanol/nitrous tuning
 Adblue Removal
 EGR Delete
 Hard Cut Limiter
 Hot Start Fix
 Lambda / O2 Removal
 Launch Control
 MAF Removal
 Speed Limiter Removal
 Start Stop Disable
 Swirl Flap Removal
 Pop & Bang tunes

🛑 we also carry out full standalone tuning 🛑

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

We also carry out all types of other mechanical work such as suspension setups, intercooler fitting, custom exhaust work, turbo upgrades, full engine conversions and much more 😁

For more information and quotes call us on ☎️ 0141 429 0919 or visit us at our workshop.

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