June 20, 2017

Tuning Work

An ECU also known as an Engine Control Unit is found in every car. It’s basically the brain of the engine and uses sensors to measure factors such as oxygen content of exhaust fumes, the temperature of the engine and other measurable parameters. Using this information it helps control how and when fuel is added to the engine giving a balance between fuel economy, performance and wear and tear. This can be quite a complex process depending on if your driving at 70 mph on the motorway or are in 20mph zone or are doing a complex manoeuvre.

Each manufacturer basically decides the vehicles ECU parameters and sets them at a factory set level which can have no bearing on what’s best for the driver. Compromises have to be made for meeting emissions standards that may not even be applicable in your country! Or extreme temperatures and altitude driving etc. Some manufacturers even limit the vehicles power output purely to suit fleet purchasers of vehicles and for no other reason.

This can mean your vehicle could be grossly underutilising it’s full potential resulting in a poorer driving experience, bad fuel economy and less power than you would like.

ECU remapping is the process of a technician linking up to your ECU and adjusting the engine control parameters to give better fuel economy, acceleration or even just a smoother driving experience. Basically it changes your vehicles performance to suit you not the manufacturer.

Factors such as boost pressure (in turbo charged vehicles), fuel pressure, the throttle response, the ignition advance and so much more can be modified to ensure you get the maximum performance out of your engine.

ECU remapping does not involve any changes to the physical hardware of the vehicle and also when done by an experienced and properly trained technician (like us) it has no safety issues associated with it. It also does not affect the longevity of the vehicle roadworthiness.

Using ECU remapping you can unleash the true power of your engine and at the same time get the best possible fuel economy making this a worthwhile investment to look into.

Increased Power

With ECU remapping you get access to the full power of your engine. This means your vehicle responds quicker to your commands than before allowing for smoother and sharper driving and allowing your engine to be flexible enough to meet your demands.

Improved Fuel Economy

With ECU remapping you can drive at higher gears at a lower speed without any noticeable effect on your vehicles performance. With increased torque you can save on fuel as it required less throttle response from your vehicle to cruise at motorway speed limits. Fuel savings can be as much as upto 20%!

There are so many more benefits to ECU remapping that we could keep you on this page for a long time just going through them.

The best thing to do is to pop round to our local garage in tradeston Glasgow and speak to us about ECU remapping for your vehicle or call us onĀ 01414290919