June 16, 2017

Vehicle Diagnostic & Repair

Vehicle Diagnostics

Our state of the art high tech computers and good old fashioned experience allow us to fault find most of your vehicle problems with relative ease.

If your vehicle is making a unsettling sound or a dashboard light has come on or your vehicle is not functioning as it should then take it over to us to take a look at it. We can give it a full check too to bottom and plug in our diagnostic equipment to get to the root of the problem.

Call us onĀ 01414290919

Car Repair Glasgow

If your car is not working as it should then bring it over to our well equipped garage where we can take a look at it and sort your problem out for you.

We are experienced in all types of repairs from engine problems to transmission systems to exhausts and everything and anything else to do with your vehicle.

Call us on 01414290919 to get a quote for your repair or if you dont know what’s wrong then bring it along to us so one of our mechanics can have a look at it.